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Rapid Gazzer Issue 1


Rapid Gazzer Issue 1 - Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

24 page full colour comic created by Gavin Boyle.
Contains Strong Language.

Gazzer is forced to run for his life after firing into the wrong girl. While trying to escape his pursuers Gazzer lands into an even bigger mess on the planet of Mars.

If Flash Gordon was a scumbag ned from Glasgow, this would be his story.

"I loved this. I laughed at the Glasgow patter and it’s got a real charm to it, like one of those cult, B-Movie’s that EVERYONE has seen. 8/10"
Gary Watson - Comics Anonymous

"Rapid Gazzer is well worth a look for fans of either the sci-fi genre or some good old fashioned Glesga banter, and it manages to merge the two different styles extremely effectively. So go on, gee it a wee swatch. Ye wilnae regret it."
Craig Neilson - Big Comic Page